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By Beach Ear Nose & Throat PC
February 12, 2015
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A sinus infection can sometimes be resolved at home, but in other cases an Ear Nose Throat physician is needed to manage more advanced symptoms. Learn what to do if you have a disruptive sinus infection that won’t go away from the skilled Virginia Beach doctors at Beach Ear Nose & Throat PC.

What Is a Sinus Infection?
Your sinuses are the air-filled nasal cavities in your face that facilitate the passage of clean air through your passageways. When the Sinussinuses fill with fluid (usually after a bad head cold) they are susceptible to infection by bacteria—this type of infection is called sinusitis. The passages are blocked and make it more difficult for the body to get clean air. Sinus infections are also often caused by allergies that irritate the nasal passageways. 

Symptoms to Watch For
There are a few clear symptoms of sinus infection that differentiate it from the common cold and require the help of a physician at Beach Ear Nose & Throat in Virginia Beach. These include:

- Intense pressure around the nose and eyes
- Migraine headaches and/or fever
- Thick, yellow-colored secretions from the nose (mucus)
- Severe congestion

When these symptoms persist for an extended period of time, usually 10 or more days, it is diagnosed as a bacterial infection. It is acute if it happens once; chronic if it begins to happen frequently or lasts for months.

Sinus Infection Treatments
The most common treatment for sinusitis is antibiotic therapy. The antibiotics fight the bacteria that cause the infection and give your sinuses a chance to effectively clear up the unwanted fluids. In some cases, a surgery may be necessary to relieve pressure and blockages in the sinus cavities.

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